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Those beautiful Swiss escorts escort lesson

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Switzerland, such a little, but highly developed country, the country where everyone must provide sometimes her escort services, because this country is the country where money is not a problem for clients.

I have to admit, I was working there at few private houses, with some agency, but sometimes as an independent escort too. I earned a lot of money and I met beautiful clients, I had there a lot of regular clients as well. Also when I was free, I went there few times with my love, we had a lot of fun there all the time, everything was just amazing. Now maybe you are wondering why I like this country? Briefly I will present you few places and things I went through during my staying in Switzerland.

You have to know this is a federal country, that does not depend on the European Union. They are working with their own rules, and gives great advantages for everyone. The main attraction in my eyes is the Alps, which occupies the most of the part of this country, I had few mountain trips with my love, we had good sex on the mountains under the blue sky.

I like this country, because everywhere I went, they spoke English, French, German and also Italian, so if you are going to visit this country, and you speak one of these languages, you are a winner, you will be able to communicate with everyone, they are very smart and kind, all of my clients, while I was working in Zurich in a house was so kind with me, they bought me a lot of gifts, in one word, they were real gentlemen.

In this story I have to mention the cuisine of this country, which is multifaceted. The interesting thing is, while I was travelling through Switzerland’s different regions, I met different type of foods, but what I liked the most were the cheeses. Also if you like chocolate dear escort girl, or my reader, you must visit this country. The chocolate made from the 18th century is…. I cannot use the right words to describe it, simply delicious. Also the most popular alcoholic drink in this country is wine.

If you are with your client or just on trip, don’t hesitate to taste their wine, you will have a night to remember if you drink it. Sex is amazing after their wine.

If you are afraid of the rules of this country regarding escorting, you don’t have to, because escorting and also prostitution is legal in this country, the major places where you can go is Zurich, Bern or Basel.  In this country you will find Spa Sex Clubs, where clients can go to relax, they receive soft drinks, and the girls are working as independents, but all for same prices. Also there are a lot of borders, escorts, escort agencies, but also street prostitutes, but this kind of girls are not really recommended for clients, because they are mostly illegal immigrants, and the safety in their case is not so high, as in case of ours, high class escorts.

Money can buy happiness, if you want to buy your happiness, you must go in Switzerland and provide your escort services there for luxury people.

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